Year Ender

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So here is the 'traditional' year ender, an 'year that was' post!!

If 2007 was the 'Personal year of Travel' for me, then 2008 was 'Year of Achievement'. An year ago i wrote:
"2008 is going to be another important year as i appear for my CA Finals in May. So there is a chance that by this time next year i may become an ACA!!!"
and am glad that i managed to pull that off (with a lot of help from someone up in the clouds). So it seems only natural that 2009 is the 'International Year of Astronomy', everyone is in the lookout of that luck!!

Apart from that seriously gleeful event of passing the last hurdle of becoming 'ACA', the year was pretty much normal. 2009 is also going to be very important to me as i step out of V&S after completing the stipulated 3 years of Articleship training.

Enough with these personal scrap, time has almost run out in 2008. I wish all

A Very Happy New Year!!

Have a rocking 2009!!!


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