Last day of August

Friday, August 31, 2007 0 Comments

I went to Bright Kuries today to finish the audit of their "charitable trust". It was over by 1130 and i went to Chartered from there. KP and Heera were also there. I guess tomorrow also i will be there.

Onam Celebrations Snaps

Saturday, August 25, 2007 0 Comments

Three men and a Song: Anoop, Sujith and KP
Audit Report!!An Act
Ladies and
Pookkalm 2007

Onam Celebrations of Vasu and Sivaram for the year 2007


Today was a rocking day in Office!! Onam Celebrations 2007, I think this should be the first time the onam celebrations are conducted in such a grant scale in V&S!!!...We all participated and enjoyed very much. The 'pookalam', songs by Thulasi, Sujith, KP, Sreeja, Sarada, Anjish, Santhosh.. .and many more. We even did a small comedy skit (In true CA Style) based on one of the most boring subject "Accounting policies and Audit report". Sujith, Anoop and myself were the think tanks behind that. AC missed out due to fever and apart from that it all went very smoothly.

Coming Soon!!!!

Snaps Of Onam 2007 Mela of Vasu and Sivaram !!!!!
just wait and see!!!!!

Just another day (Partly) in office

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 0 Comments

Today was an unusually rainy day and it was drzzling as I set out to Fathimanatha kuries to clear some doubts. I reached there at around 11. But my business there was short and I was back in office by 1PM. The whole afternoon passed by without any further development.


Saturday, August 18, 2007 0 Comments

Its saturday, another weekend
Of broken promises
Of time lost
Of work incomplete
It has been a hell of a week

Tryst with destiny (or holiday???)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 0 Comments

Its 10.18 PM now..60 years ago on this very day India was preparing for a "Tryst with destiny". Swaraj/Freedom is something everyone fights for. As some wise one said "every man has the right to say what he thinks truth and every other man has the right to knock him down for that". Everyone wants to be Independent.Thats human nature i guess. The fact is because of all those struggles India became independent and tomorrow is a Holiday!! Happy holiday to all!!!
I was rather "free" today. Me and Melvin went to Fathima natha kuries and they have the weirdest working hours : "from 9AM to 12.30PM and from 4PM to 7.30PM". It was fun though. Looking forward to going there the day after tomorrow.


Friday, August 10, 2007 0 Comments

Nothing worth mentioning happened during the last 2/3 days.

After a Short break...

Monday, August 6, 2007 0 Comments

It has been a couple of days since i posted. There is no particular reason for the absence except may be 'lack' of material. Nothing much happened in office as everyone was still in a shock after the 'incident'.


Thursday, August 2, 2007 0 Comments

Today was a day of mixed emotions; some good and some bad.... i wont forget this day, never ever....when someone among us deceives not just me, but others as well, with the sole intention of harming the very people i work with, how can i forget? i was totally clueless about the things happening in my office and for the first time in my life i felt being left out...the good thing that happened today was that i finished Bright kuries, after a lot of adjustments, computations and all i guess i have done justice to myself.

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