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Yesterday we went to the famous Golconda Fort, a 600 year old fort . It was a one hour bike-trip from the hotel. Though the bike ride was not a pleasant one, the trip was worth it, including all the 720 steps we had to climb to get to the top of the Fort. One could see the entire Hyderabad city from there. On our way back, we went to 'Snow world', the 'coolest' place in Hyderabad (may be in entire South India)!!. Playing on snow was a funny experience for me...

Home calling

Saturday, June 28, 2008 0 Comments

Finally the message has been delivered!! It took one week for 'You know who ' to figure it out that he wont be in a position to come here for finalising the audit. Hence we are going to Bangalore sometime in next week, hopefully on Wednesday. Our plans are to finish all the pending works in two days and the entire audit by the end of next week. But with You know who around, plans are always hard to execute...


Friday, June 27, 2008 0 Comments

Yesterday evening we (Me, Hari, Sreenivas & Prasad) had a Dine-out. We reached the Hotel at around 8.45 and Indian Innings (India was playing Pakistan in an Asia Cup Match and Pakistan set a target of 300 for India to chase) was in its 10th Over. I have to say, it was the longest dinner i had till date!! We were there for more than 2 hours and by the time we exited the hotel, India had won the match with more than 8 overs to spare. Since i was sitting with my back to the TV screen, i always had to turn my head to watch the match and that resulted in a nasty neck pain.However it was a great match, some brilliant batting by the Indians!! But i have to confess here, i didn't really enjoy the dinner, may be because i was in a wrong 'gang of old aged guys' with the exception of Hari or may be because the whole atmosphere of that hotel was entirely opposite to my taste. The cricket was the only motivation i had to sit through the 'event'. But as the wise say, life is not always a walk in the park, aye?

Status Report

Thursday, June 26, 2008 0 Comments

Work here is slowly but steadily nearing its completion and i hope i can leave Hyderabad by next wednesday. It has been more than two weeks since i came here!!! Time really flies down here!! Hope Office doesnot have kept any more Outstation assignments for me in the near future. I need a break from all these travels and all. Moreover my CA Final exam results are going to be announced in Next month and future seems bleak.

Weekly RoundUp

Saturday, June 21, 2008 0 Comments

Another eventful week is coming to an end and from the look of it, next week is going to be even more eventful. Our work here is nearing its completion and it may take another week to finalise everything. That means i will be in Hyderabad for at least another week. Tomorrow we are hoping to go for a 'Hyderabad Sight Seeing Expedition' !! We plan to visit some historic sites in Hyderabad. Last Sunday we went to Ramoji Film City. We spent the entire day in there. It was a good experience. Since my colleague Mr Hari forgot to take the USB cable of his Digicam, i am unable to upload any pictures of our little adventure at this point of time. However once am back in Trichur (sometime in the near future) i will upload those pics.

Sight Seeing

Saturday, June 14, 2008 0 Comments

Tomorrow we are planning to go for a little expedition of Hyderabad!! Film city, Charminar etc. I will post more details and if possible pictures on Monday...

At Hyderabad

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We reached Hyderabad on Tuesday morning and travel by 'Airawat' was a pleasant one. We are currently staying in a hotel (Hotel Samrat) located near to office. Office is located in the outskirts in an industrial area. Work has gone smoothly so far and i expect i can finish it by the end of next week. This sunday we are planning to go out to visit the old city, Charminar etc.

Hyderabad Calling

, Monday, June 9, 2008 0 Comments

Owing to a sudden change of plans, the work i was supposed to do in Bangalore has been postponed sine di and my work has been rescheduled. So am going to Hyderabad (by the KSRTC Airawat @ 9.20PM) tonight with Hari for the Sri Sai statutory audit. As per the initial plan work there will take at least 2 weeks. I dont know whether i will be coming back to Bangalore after finishing Sri Sai. I have not yet been to Hyderabad, so looking forward to having a good time there!!!

Weekend prospectus

Friday, June 6, 2008 0 Comments

It has been 2 days since i reached Bangalore and still am finding it difficult to get around here. Travel seems to be the problem area. My work here hasn’t yet started and is still working with Hari, giving him a helping hand in what seems to be a ‘good’ assignment. He may leave for Hyderabad on this Sunday. Since tomorrow is a holiday for our office, we are planning to go to Lalbagh. On Sunday we have made plans to go to Nandi hills. Off late implementing plans has become a rare event, so I don’t know whether any of this is going to happen. I will update the details once am back in office.

At Bangalore

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 0 Comments

I reached Bangalore at around 7 and the journey was fine. So far everything has gone smoothly and the only difficulty i had is with "access  to net" !! :) Am staying with my Bhai at Madiwala. The daily commute may create some problems as its difficult to get around here.

Lonely traveler

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Its journey time again (after a break of almost a year) as i prepare for my next assignment in Bangalore. I am going there tomorrow by the 9PM KSRTC bus. Hari is also coming with me, but he has another assignment there. From the discussions with Praveen i have gathered enough intel to conclude that its going to take some time (maybe up to a month or more) to complete. I am planning to stay with my brother as it seems like a much better option than staying at company guest house. It looks like i will be doing solo, for the first week at least, though it is extremely boring. The nature of the work is also different from what i have done so far and will be a good learning experience, or at least that’s what i want to think!!

Feedback : Brijesh

Sunday, June 1, 2008 0 Comments

Though it has been quite some time (almost 17 months) since i started posting to Ledger, feedback i received, like its number of readers, were very few. However, Brijesh, a brave soul has ventured to the unknown by posting this comment. What follows are his words*..

"Well abt the ledger huh!!!!!

There are different types of ppl in this wrld. Some doesnt share wht they feel with anyone. they keep it to themselves whereas there are others who share only among their best of frnds.But you are an exception. One is able to understand much more abt u through ur ledger. Its like an open book. Everyone cums to knw abt whts happening in ur life ...wht were u upto during a particular day. It helps you in a sense too....sometime later ..mayb aftr a yr or 2 when u want to relate a particlar event to an event in the past u can always fall back on the ledger....The memories wont fade away:)..it will remain forever in the ledger for yrs to cum...Ur articleship...all those happy nd sad moments....u can always remember those days laid back on ur seat after ur busy hours of wrk as a CA. Finally u may realise that those articleship days were the golden days of ur life .... One were u had all the fun and most importantly learnt all abt work. Tears may roll down ur cheeks when u think of all the precious frnds u had in the office:).... the off where u started ur work ...ur proff career....

wHT ELSE DO I SAY DUDE???? you can make it a bit more interesting...like u can write abt the current affairs ...wht u feel abt it? sumthg like tat ....Will write more abt this sumtime latr...cant write much because of time constraint...else i would hav gone on and on ....:)




Brijesh, thank you for expressing your thoughts about Ledger. You can expect some changes in this space soon.

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