8th National CA Students Convention : A Look back

Sunday, December 7, 2008

8th National CA Students Convention : A Look back
(presentation by Ranjith J)

A very warm good morning to all.

Respected dignitories on and off the dais and all my student friends,First i would thank Board of Studies, ICAI and Eranakulam branch of SICASA for organising Such a 'wonderful national seminar' and also for giving me an interesting topic to blog about.Thank you.

The paper am presenting today is "8th National CA Students Convention : A Look back", a very relavant subject in this age of global meltdown both financial and ballistic. First of all lemme give you a brief overview of what am going to cover in this presentation:

1. Introduction (not mine)
2. Evaluation of technican sessions
3. 'Cultural' Program, and
4. Conclusion

At this time i woould like to remind you all to set an alarm in your Mobile scheduled at 20 minutes from now (ie end of my presentation) so that you can wake up and proceed to the Dining hall.

Now lemme start.

1. Introduction

Friends, Ranjith Jayadevan once said 'there is a first time for everything'. Well, this is my first national
seminar and like all first timers i had great expectations (Budha was rigt when he said expectations and wants are the root causes of unhappiness) about the seminar. So when i landed in Eranakulam on that friday morning with 5 of my colleagues i can say that i was a very happy man. Afterll this kind of gatherings do give us 'exposure' and a chance to widen our knowledge base, right? The theme of the seminar was 'Prayan' and i would like to congratulate the organisers for selecting such a 'kool' word. It really embodies the true spirit of a CA Student. The long journey that one has to complete to get that coveted Membership certificate. There are 5 technical sessions , each being led by and expert in the subject and one Special session. I once again congratulate the organisers for selecting topics of great interests.

Now lets move on to the evaluation part.

2. Evaluation of Technical Sessions

A. Tech Session 1 (chaired by CA V Pattabhi Ram, FCA)
I really hoped that i could hear Mr Chairman speak about derivatives. But the usual delay in starting the function ensured that the session was cut short. Moreover the chairman 'allowed' the student speakers (2) to take control as the seminar is 'for the students'. Of the two student speakers Balacha Adi..etc Rao's presentation (Techniques of capital budgeting) was by far the best. I dont want to speak about the other person as recalling those moments take away all the happiness from my mind.

Rating : Average.

B. Tech Session 2 (chaired by CA Chinnasamy Ganesan, FCA)
The subject was AS. So i dont want to go into lengths here. I can say that Vaibhav 'etc' Kulkarni (Student speaker) who talked about the differences between Indian AS and IFRS was the 'star' of that seesion.

Rating : Average

C. Tech Session 3 (Chaired by CA Venugopal C Govind, FCA)
Now this session was interesting not because one of the student speakers was not able to 'present' himeself to make the presentation, but because i never though a CA could talk this fast. In a blink FEMA was over!!! I cant comment about what he 'presented' because i hardly heard what he was saying. The other student speaker was not bad.

Rating : Below Average

D. Tech Session 4 (chaired by AB Saravanaprasad FCA)
Now this was the best session of the entire event. The chairman and the student speakers (3) were excellent. The chairman of the session talked about Professional ethics and also gave some learning tips which i think was the most practical advise one can give to a CA student. Siddarth Naha made an excellent presentation about Audit risk (i believe he was the best student speaker of the event). Radhakrishna Das also made a sicere attempt to explain ESI and EPF laws. All in all a very good session

Rating : Excellent

E. Tech Session 5 (chaired by CA T Banusekar, FCA)

Now to tell you the truth i really thought of bunking this session because the topic was DT. But i am gald that i didnot as this was the second best session of the event. Both the student speakers were good though they were dealing with tedious topics like 'TDS' and 'Company Assessment' though i think Avinash Guptha who dealt with Company Assessment missed out on one big topic: MAT u/s 115JB. The chairman spoke about Internationl Taxation. He gave a birds eyeview of the subject and it was a great experience!! Another great session!!

Rating : Good

Overall Rating: Average (although the last 2 sessions were terrific, the first 3 compensated for it and so the rating)

Now i can see you people wondering, what about Special session? To tell you the truth i was not able to stand more than 5 minutes of it and then i got moivated by a pull to have a 'tea'. In short, i bunked that session.

3. Cultural Program

Now this was the real eye opener of the entire event. This session really helped me to widen my knowledge base. Friends, there is a general notion that CAs are boring and too serious. But if you were present there during the 'cultural' session i think you may change that opinion. I have to say, My UG college on College day or Arts day behaves much better. There is another urban legend that CAs are good only at number crunching. Well that too you have to change. CA Students possess all kinds of weird skills. One was good at imitating a Calling bell, some were
trying their hands is classical dance while others were exceptional experts in the art of making 'ballistic' missiles with nothing more than a piece of paper (talk about cost cutting!!). Am not talking about booing as its a Standard Operating Procedure to boo in such kind of functions. Well i could see the real 'culture' of the CA Stuent fraternity.

4. Conclusion

Now am almost at the end of my presentation. Friends, we are aspiring CAs who learn to utilise the available financial resources in the most optimum manner. So i hope while you are thinking of attending such a seminar, have some 'professional skeptisism'. It will do wonders for your wallet. I can see some alarms going off. So i think my time is up. I once again thank all of you for patiently listening to my presentation.

However before i go, i would like to share with you some pictures of the 'Cultural' Program.
Thank You all, adios.

PS: Brinjan got a new connection in Eranakulam. More on that later.


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