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Sunday, December 21, 2008

It has been sometime since i did any 'Action Script'ing in Flash. So, this weekend, i decided to revisit those old days when i used to tinker with the Script. Since i dont have any clue as to AS3, i decided to work with AS2 (that is Action Script, people.Not Accounting Standards). The other day i saw this copter game and i thought to make a copy of that game with whatever scripting i know. It was not easy, 7-8 hours' continuous work and finally i succeeded (almost).Anyway, there is nothing hi-fi about this game and at less than 10KB, i guess those dial up guys (like me) can also try. I know most you havent got a clue as to what am telling. So without further adieu, here is EVADE II!!.
You can download the game here.


  1. 420 said...

    super rj.
    great work..

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