December 1

Monday, December 1, 2008

So am back in Trichur now after a fortnight of train journeys and 'work' in Calicut. So its obvious that i was pretty happy today (i dont have to wake up at 4 in the morning!!! wew, what a relief!!). So the journeys are over, but that doesnt mean am off the 'bank-hook' now. I have to finish that report (that 80 page booklet) within a couple of days.

Tomorrow am off to a School to finish off the Audit started by me back in May and then continued by Anoop (when i had to leave for Hyderabad in June) and now to be finished off by me. I have become a believer of Karma now, what goes around does come around!!


  1. What's In A Name!? said...


    Read ur blog in bits and parts, and must say that I can relate to a lot of it - I am an article too.. in Ahmedabad.. with Deloitte. I am appearing for my exams in May 2009.. :-) And I also saw your sketches.. I must say, that's a lot of creativity!!

    I'm happy that as against the general notion that CAs are boring, you have the art, which not everyone has! :-)

    Anyway.. it was nice going thru ur blog.. :-) Keep writing..

  2. Ranjith Jayadevan said...

    thnx.. we have to break tht noton rite? isnt tht our beloved chairman saying? establishing the CA brand and make it less 'nerdy'!!


  3. Nirwa Mehta said...

    Hi! :)

    I'm not able to scrap you because of your scrapbook settings... :) but could u like.. add me up on gtalk.. if u use it.. nirwamehta is the id.. and yea.. a request.. pls don't mention the blog on orkut again.. as people there don't know about it.. :) have been trying to keep it a secret.. :)

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