Month End Closure

Sunday, August 31, 2008 0 Comments

In these last hours of August 2008, the counter in Ledger's sidebar shows that i have 195 days of articleship left, still a long way to go! I managed to finish almost all the pending works that i had and now only one remains; and from the look of it, i will be in Bangalore during this Onam for finishing that pending assignment.
Last week i did not get time to doodle the next character sketch. However i intend to post the next one during this week. I think this 3rd one will be the last sketch of this season (the season finale) as i plunge into the tax audit madness. But i guarantee that 'i will be back' !!

Burning Midnight Oil

Sunday, August 24, 2008 0 Comments

Time is now 12.39AM and am still working here!! I have to finish two works by Monday and such extreme situations calls for extreme measures. :)
I think i will stop, feeling really tired now...

Character Sketch - Brijesh

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 5 Comments

Now its the turn of Brijesh to be doodled!! Actually i wanted to start the series with Brij, as he was the one who suggested the idea of 'character sketching'. But in a last minute burst AC overtook him.

So here are a few lines about Brij for those who do not know him..
He has got connections in some pretty 'High' places, but never boasts about those,
He is a work-o-holic, when he is 'auditing' a Restaurant,
...mmm.. what else??? I cant find words to describe him. May be not all 'Phenomenons' can be explained, may be you have to see to believe. So, guys, if you havent met him, dont waste your chance when you get one.

And here is the doodle...
So how was it? post your comments and suggestions...

New Look

Sunday, August 17, 2008 0 Comments

You may have noticed that Ledger has now got a brand new look. The title also has changed to Ledger 2.0. You can expect more changes in the coming days. This is the new, improved Ledger!!! So u may ask what so different about Ledger 2.0. To answer that, here are the updates i made:
  1. Layout: As said earlier, Ledger now has a brand new look.
  2. Navbar : You may have noticed that the 'Blogger Navbar' (i really dont like it that much) which normally resides at top of the page is now gone.
  3. Countdown: I dont know if i can call this an update, anyhow if you look to your right, you can see a clock counting down my articleship days. :)
Now its your turn, post your views and suggestions on the new look and so that i can improve upon the design and layout.

Vande Mataram

Thursday, August 14, 2008 0 Comments

Vande Mataram

Wish you all a very happy Independence day!!

Oh Jesus!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 0 Comments

Oh Jesus!! that should be what those people in Jesus kuries will be saying about me these days. I cant blame them because it has been 4 days since i went there. I was busy with all the other works and i just could not find the time to go there. Yesterday i was in Guruvayoor and tomorrow its going to be 'Bright'. I dont know when i can go to Jesus and finish that off!!!

Initial Reponses

Saturday, August 9, 2008 0 Comments

The feedback i got for my first 'Character Sketch' was overwhelming. Almost everyone in the office liked the post and hence am going to post my next sketch soon. I dont know how AC is going to react when he sees the doodle i made.

Character Sketch - Ranjith AC

Thursday, August 7, 2008 7 Comments

Not so long ago Brijesh told me to widen the scope of Ledger and suggested that i include more interesting and funny posts. On that note i announce my plan to commence a 'Character Sketch' Series. Today am starting the series with none other than the great 'AC'.

AC is someone who requires no introduction. But here are a few lines for those who do not know him...

He will catch your attention from the moment he starts talking, It requires great skill to keep up with him when he talks!!.
He is the 'cool', 'roaming' man believed to be seen all around India except perhaps in Trichur, Kerala.
He comes here once in while like the 'Hally's Comet' and Like his heavenly counterpart, he makes sure that he does not crash with anyone (in office)
With AC around, there will be no shortage of pranks as he is the undefeated prankster in V&S.
I salute his ability to keep his cool in even the most difficult situations.
I admire his ability to start conversations from anything (except 'weather')
With AC around, there wont be a dull moment. I can bet my fortune on that!!!

and last but not the least, here is the doodle...

(published without the permission of AC)

Now to CS !!

Saturday, August 2, 2008 0 Comments

After much deliberation i have finally decided to go for CS. I have to enroll before Aug 31 so that i can appear for the June 2009 exams. I had always wanted to do CS and there wont be a better time to do it than now. I can start my studies after the Tax audit rush and i think i will have enough time to prepare for Inter.

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