Monday, October 27, 2008 0 Comments

Wish everyone a very happy


A Hint

Thursday, October 23, 2008 1 Comments

Initial responses to my latest character sketch were extremely positive.So now the question is 'Who Next?' This time i have decided to break the suspense: Next sketch will be of Anoop's and God have mercy on my soul when he (and, others) come back after the exams!!!
Last but not the least, Kudos to ISRO for successfully developing and launching India's First 'out-of-the-earth' Lunar Mission (Chandrayan - 1)!!

Character Sketch - Anjish

Sunday, October 19, 2008 4 Comments

Finally, the third character sketch is out. This time its Anjish and since this is the 3rd one, i have decided to change the method a little. You will see a 100% original doodle this time (not some collage of photos and drawing).

So what can i say about Anjish or Anjuttan as he is known in office??

Simple, humble and tries to stay away from trouble,
Generous, pious and obviously bit overweight,
More 'hairy' than Ishant Sarma,
Cracks jocks with ease about others (but those often backfire),

and a very, very good friend to have (I dont know how many times i have hitched a ride to Bus stand on those busy tax audit days)

Thats about it...

Hey friends, wanna add something about Anjish? post a comment and let the world know what you feel!!!

My Salute...

Friday, October 17, 2008 0 Comments

My Salute to the Highest Run Getter in Test Cricket History!!!

Okay. The initial formalities are over, now to business.. It has been 10 days since i last posted, the longest perhaps after Feb 07. Although i tried to  key in the words to the tiny word editor of Scribe fire on several occasions, lack of worthy material kept me away from that 'Publish' button. But now something has come along.

I think i have said it before: like any other good citizen of India, me too is a cricket fan and like most of them, am a Sachin fan. So, today, when he surpassed Brian Lara's record of 'Highest Run getter in Test cricket', its no wonder that i decided to break my short hibernation from blogger.

My salutes to the man who proved that you can turn 'stones to milestones'!!!!

Pooja Break

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 1 Comments

So the tax audits are over; office is slowly preparing for its 6 months long hibernation (untill the next tax audit season). In all these commotion, Grita and Sumithlal decided to disassociate themselves form V&S. A lot did happen in the past week. I was in Dena Bank trying to make sense of the 'Income & Expenditure Audit' and i have to say, am not fully aware of exactly what should i do even now.
Anyways, office has closed for 2 days, thanx to Vidyarambham!! I wish everyone a very happy 'Vidyarambham' !!!!! :)

A Farewell

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 0 Comments

The Tax Audit Season has officially come to an end. But i don't think i can relax a bit now as many of the audits are still classified as Pending. We managed to file more than 50% of the e-returns within the specified deadline.

Tax audits was not the only thing that came to close today. It was the last day in office for Grita Mam, the most experienced pair of hands in V & S.. The time has come to part ways and i wish her all the very best in Future.. V & S gonna miss her smile for sure in the coming months!

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