2nd Anniversary

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wow, that was fast!! Today Ledger is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary!! Time really flies and what an year it has been! So many happy memories to cherish. Ledger has undergone many changes during the past year from its layout to its contents. Character Sketch Series has been the talking point of this season. 'Examination Accounts' too attracted many readers. I have tried to post as accurately as i can without sacrificing much the 'fun' aspect.

Thank you all for supporting me and thank you all for expressing your thoughts on some of the posts. I hope you will be with me in days to come, although how uncertain they become.

The next year too is gonna be a pivotal one for me as i complete my articleship training. I have 91 days left in my articleship year and after that i dont know what will happen to Ledger (its original purpose ends with the completion of my Articleship training). However, i may extend the scope to keep this space alive!! :). Am too emotional to kill a Blog.

Once Again Thank You all For Your Support!!!



  1. vani.v said...

    Happy Anniversary 2 ledger and to RJ for making d ledger more lively each day.
    But the comment "its original purpose ends with the completion of my Articleship training" is smethng which makes us (the FANS f Ledger :D)
    sad. :)
    V hope tht the scope of d ledger wil b widened even aftr ur articleship life.
    Keep going :)

  2. Unknown said...


    looking forward 4 more exciting areas in ledger even after dose 91 days

  3. Anonymous said...

    Naan late'aa vanthalum latest'aa varuven... :-)
    I know am a li'l late in posting my comments.
    The ledger has been a Live platform for many a creative grapevine. Kudos to Ranjith for the Passion with with the ledger has been meticulously posted.
    The possibility that the ledger shall be balanced on the day Ranjith's Articleship tallies with the professional requirements, is a dry one.
    I know he shall carry forward the Good work.
    He's an BOOLOGAn, u c!!
    Cheers, G!!!

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