The Last Fortnight

Saturday, February 28, 2009

March generally marks the end of an academic year, in my case it marks the end of Articleship. Now a mere 14 days remain.. An eventful chapter of my life is going to end in a couple of weeks!!! But here i am, sitting in front of my PC, searching for words to fill up the void... No matter how happy i feel about my articleship completion, i cant leave the place without a .... Ooops, better not to use all the cheesy dialogues now, i have to use those in the traditional 'The End' post on March 15!!!
So better wait!!

Update on Character Sketch: Some unknown hardware malfunction has compelled me to put the next wave of sketches on hold (Sorry!!! i tried, but the machine didnt.. Am warning ya, the machines are gonna take control of the world!! Sarah Connor was right!!!)


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