Character Sketch - Melvin

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So here is the 4th one. I can see that many of you are surprised to see Melvin as i had earlier promised that the fourth one gonna be Anoop. However in light of the recent events, i thought i will fast forward a bit and 'sketch' mallu ahead of Anoop (The next one will be Anoop).

He will be the 3rd one to leave V&S within the space of 2 months. So here is my gift to him.

He is the gentle giant of V&S,
Always mad about bits & bytes and gadgets.

They say he was a shy lad,
But now only he can compete with AC in crackin' jokes.

Mallu can live even if we run out of Oxygen,
He just need an Interent Connection.

We will surely miss you,

Best of luck!!!


  1. Unknown said...

    Simply superb!Amazing!

    n to Mallu Bhai(dats how we call Melvin): Wish u all the best n we all will surely miss u dear brother!!!!Ur 24x7 cheerful tensionless joyful face n words:we wil mis dat too..........

  2. vani.v said...

    First abt d new doodle : Well....Warrierji have tried his best to sketch Mallu, in a good way, tht too in a very short period. Though not up2 d standard f d 1st 3 doodles, its a good work keeping in view d tym frame within which it was done. Mallu is traced well in d doodle... with all d gadgets which he is crazy upon... :)

    N VnS is goin to miss MALLU Bhai. Wishing u all d best !!!!!!

  3. anju said...

    Brilliant! wer does it all cum frm Warrier?! :)

  4. Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  5. Anonymous said...

    Am a bit late this time in posting this comment...newayz, well, as its been quoted, v wud definitely miss mallu bhai for all that he was to us....hey mallu, u know wat, v wud still like to think, "mallu has gone for some outsyd wrk, wil be bak soon.." :-)

    abt the doodle, well...Wat to say...nothing will suffice! I gess that says it all for me!

    btw, why arent d girls protesting? isnt it high time since a girl- doodle was drwan? c'mon girls, wat say? :P

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