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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Though it has been quite some time (almost 17 months) since i started posting to Ledger, feedback i received, like its number of readers, were very few. However, Brijesh, a brave soul has ventured to the unknown by posting this comment. What follows are his words*..

"Well abt the ledger huh!!!!!

There are different types of ppl in this wrld. Some doesnt share wht they feel with anyone. they keep it to themselves whereas there are others who share only among their best of frnds.But you are an exception. One is able to understand much more abt u through ur ledger. Its like an open book. Everyone cums to knw abt whts happening in ur life ...wht were u upto during a particular day. It helps you in a sense too....sometime later ..mayb aftr a yr or 2 when u want to relate a particlar event to an event in the past u can always fall back on the ledger....The memories wont fade away:) will remain forever in the ledger for yrs to cum...Ur articleship...all those happy nd sad moments....u can always remember those days laid back on ur seat after ur busy hours of wrk as a CA. Finally u may realise that those articleship days were the golden days of ur life .... One were u had all the fun and most importantly learnt all abt work. Tears may roll down ur cheeks when u think of all the precious frnds u had in the office:).... the off where u started ur work ...ur proff career....

wHT ELSE DO I SAY DUDE???? you can make it a bit more u can write abt the current affairs ...wht u feel abt it? sumthg like tat ....Will write more abt this sumtime latr...cant write much because of time constraint...else i would hav gone on and on ....:)




Brijesh, thank you for expressing your thoughts about Ledger. You can expect some changes in this space soon.


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