India Wins T20 WC!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You may think what India winning the T20 WC has to do with "Ledger". At first glance it has nothing to do with CA. However it has some connection.No one ever thought India would actually win the WC, Aussies or SA were the favorites. But India fought and fought hard. They beat some of the best teams and eventually one the WC. This shows what a little determination can do . India kept their nerve in extremely stressful situation and their perseverance paid off. Something i (everyone) can model in studies and exmas. Enough with philosophy, now to todays happenings. I attended the Public hearing at Trichur Corp and it went smoothly. I also finished Jayaprakash Form ITR 4 today and that means i have 2 completed ITR 4 with me.


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