Onam Celebrations of Vasu and Sivaram for the year 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today was a rocking day in Office!! Onam Celebrations 2007, I think this should be the first time the onam celebrations are conducted in such a grant scale in V&S!!!...We all participated and enjoyed very much. The 'pookalam', songs by Thulasi, Sujith, KP, Sreeja, Sarada, Anjish, Santhosh.. .and many more. We even did a small comedy skit (In true CA Style) based on one of the most boring subject "Accounting policies and Audit report". Sujith, Anoop and myself were the think tanks behind that. AC missed out due to fever and apart from that it all went very smoothly.

Coming Soon!!!!

Snaps Of Onam 2007 Mela of Vasu and Sivaram !!!!!
just wait and see!!!!!


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